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TUESDAY NIGHT FLIGHT - The magical wines of Domaine de l'Anglore

Eric Pfifferling at Domaine L'Anglore produces some of the most delicious and most sought-after wines in the Rhone Valley. A former bee-keeper, Pfifferling is now a mainstay of the natural wine movement, producing wines that not only challenge traditional standards, but show that the fresh and alive qualities emblematic of natural wine can exhibit as much grace, balance, and elegance as any. He tends very old vines, rooted in incredible terroir, never using chemical intervention. Join us for this unique opportunity to taste these rare and distinctive wines.

2018 Vin de France "Sels d'Argent"

2018 Vin de France "Chemin de la Brune"

2018 Tavel

2018 Vin de France "Terre d'Ombre"

2018 Vin de France "Véjade"

Vin de Mystère

6 half-pours for $50. Special Bar Snack by Chef Diego Moya.