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TUESDAY NIGHT FLIGHT - 3/19 Chad STOCK presents his unique MINIMUS & OMERO wines

This Tuesday, the Racines NY team is super excited to welcome behind the bar Chad Stock from MINIMUS, one of the most iconoclast winemakers in Oregon! In constant search, Chad is experimenting to our highest pleasure, delivering unique yet utterly delicious wines. He has different lines, with different philosophies.The Omero wines are super accessible, more classic, paying tribute to the history of the Willamette Valley. The Minimus are one-off experiments, never repeating themselves, pushing all the boundaries of the region, the grape, the vessel, the winemaking, etc. etc. Tuesday night, Chad will pour 5 wines to your delight:

2016 Omero, Chardonnay 
2016 Minimus,  Mt. Eden Chardonnay 
2017 Minimus, Sauvignon Blanc Amphorae 
2016 Minimus, Illegal Rose

2016 Minimus, Grenache Soloro     

Be ready to have your palate and your brain on fire! 
Flight is at $35, we will start pouring at 5.30. First Come First Serve. See you Tuesday!