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This Tuesday, we are very proud to welcome David Lillie behind the bar at Racines to pour the amazing Champagnes of the Beaufort family.

In David’s words: “Primarily available at natural wine shops in France, Italy and Japan, Chambers Street Wines is bringing these exceptional Champagnes to New York. They all show the intense "vinosity" and complexity found in the Beaufort wines - products of superb farming, living soils, extended sur-lie aging and the commitment of the Beaufort family to create true Champagnes of terroir. Domaine André Beaufort has farmed organically since the early 1970s and, to our knowledge, the only grower rivaling Beaufort in long-time organic vine-growing in Champagne is Georges Laval in Cumières. Vinifications at Beaufort are generally 8-10 months long and both fermentations take place with native yeasts. Sulfur is added only at disgorgement, or not at all, and is present in moderate quantities.

The Beaufort wines are remarkably different from most modern Champagnes, usually showing a softer mousse due to the wild-yeast fermentations, and always displaying an expression of fruit and mineral flavors one associates with a fine Burgundy. Quoting the French review, Bettane and Desseauve: “The natural expression of Beaufort's wines will remind older fans of the incomparable Champagne that prevailed before the adoption of industrial agriculture…”  Please note that although the Beaufort wines normally receive a dosage of 4 to 8 grams per liter, a few of today's offerings are Brut Nature, and all have have been recently disgorged.

David will pour the excellent 1988 and 1996 vintages, along with the 2002 Polisy Brut Nature and the 2010 Ambonnay Brut Grand Cru.

Six half-pours, $75, starting at 6pm, please reserve by emailing us at info@racinesny.com.