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HAPPY WINEMAKER HOUR this Friday 26th - Héloïse Gautherot from VOUETTE & SORBEE

This Friday starting at 6pm, we are very exciting to welcome at the bar Héloïse Gautherot, the daughter of Bertrand, now involved with her father in the production of one of our absolute favorite Champagnes - Vouette & Sorbée (it was Pascaline’s wedding champagne :)! Since 1988, Bertrand and his wife Hélène have been a powerful and inspirational advocate for biodynamic farming and necessity of biodiversity in the vineyards. With their first release of Fidèle 2001, they are showing how real care of the vines can be truly tasted in the bottle. Working mostly with Pinot Noir, a tiny bit of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc in the southern Aube on Kimmerdgian slopes (Vouette) et a little Portlandian (Sorbée), their artisanal Champagnes are some of the most transparent and delightful ones you can enjoy! Please join us at the bar with Héloïse if you want to taste and discover more these beautiful wines. We will pour Fidèle and Bland d'Argile both 2015 base out of magnum. See you soon @racinesny. #realwine #vinvivant # vinsdevignerons #vinsdevigneronnes #vouetteetsorbée #kimmeridgian #portlandian # biodynamicwine